Hi my Name is Jenny.  I have been an instructor in obedience and agility for over 25 years. My first border collie, Scamp was trained up to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award.  I also trained him in agility and although he was slow he didn’t knock any of the fences down.   Polly came along three years after Scamp and she was trained up to the Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen award.  Polly enjoyed agility but as with border collies she would get over excited. After Scamp and Polly passed away   I  acquired a new border collie named Judy who was deaf from birth, but this in no way stopped me training her in obedience, agility, fly ball, heel work to music, Rally O, and Rally Freestyle.  I was very proud of Judy in that she reached such a high standard with her disability.  She achieved the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award and was my demonstration dog in classes.  Sadly Judy is no longer with us and I now have a new border colley x named Mischief.  Although she has been trained in obedience she prefers agility and Hoopers. She enjoys playing with her ball and going on walks to the forest and beach with her doggy friends.

I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  I am also an examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Bronze.    I have attended an Introduction to K9 Psychology Course and completed an Intermediate Psychology Course (Kingston Maurward College).  I have recently completed an on line course ‘Learn to Talk Dogs’ in Canine Body Language and Facial Expressions (Sarah Whitehead).  I have attended one day seminars on ‘How Dogs Communicate’  ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Stress is no Joke’. And ‘Dominance: Fact or Fiction ‘.   A one day course on Interpreting Canine Body Language – Aggression and two half day courses on first aid for dog and the Tellington touch.