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Agility is a fantastic sport for dogs and handlers of all ages to enjoy

If you are thinking of another activity for you and your dog to participate in then why not try agility?   You can have lots of fun with your dog and at the same time build  upon a better relationship for the both of you.  Perhaps even go in for competitions at a later date.

Agility  is a canine sport in which the dog has to negotiate a variety of obstacles laid out in a  course.

The handler runs much of the course with the dog guiding him in the right direction and over each obstacle.  There can be up to 20 different obstacles on a course.  It’s  fun for you and your dog learning a new sport together.  Before enrolling on an agility course you and your dog should have learnt the basic training and control.  We use positive, reward based techniques when training in agility.

Any breed of dog can do agility but most importantly before you start on your journey is that your dog should be fit and healthy.

Dogs can start agility training from the age of 12 months.    If you are interested please contact Anne on     a.stuckey@sky.com

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What is Agility Training?

It is a sport in which the dog has to negotiate a variety of obstacles laid out in a course. Any dog can take part provided he is over 12 months old and is reasonably fit and healthy  The basic skills are needed  before commencing agility.  These are recall, stay, down, sit, stand, heelwork and sendaway.

The dog runs the course with the handler running alongside guiding him in the right direction.   When training this sport handlers use positive, reward based techniques.   You will guide your dog over jumps, through weave poles, over an A frame and dog walk, through a tunnel and various other items of equipment.  There are contact obstacles on an agility course.  Three of these are the A frame, the dog walk and the see-saw.  A dog needs to touch each end of the contact equipment with his feet.  Instruction is given before tackling the obstacles involved.

Before you begin you need to choose the commands and signals you are going to use on the agility course and apply these to your basic commands.   Remember dogs communicate using body language and your posture and mannerisms will have as much meaning to your dog as vocal commands. Whatever commands you use be consistent and use the same tone of voice.   Before running a course make sure that you and your dog have warmed up.   This reduces the chances of injuries to yourself and your dog.

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Catering for all experience levels, Agility training is fun for both dogs and their handlers.

Wessex Dog Training Club provide a wide variety of training courses for dogs and their handlers ranging from Obedience and Agility to Scentwork.  Come and make new friends for you and your pooch and learn how to increase your bond and get more from your relationship with your dog.

Everyone is welcome:

  • Suitable for Junior Handlers aged 11+
  • Classes for all experience levels
  • Puppies and Golden Oldies welcome
  • Train for fun or awards

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