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Have you heard of Hoopers?

When I speak to people they say ‘oh yes’ and then when I ask if they know what it is they don’t have a clue. This is because Hoopers is a new low impact agility sport for dogs that is starting to sweep the nation.

It is fantastic for our over exuberant puppies from 16 weeks to our senior golden oldies who have seen and done it all but just can’t manage it any more.

There is no jumping just racing or plodding through hoops, darting or drifting through tunnels and cantering or cruising around barrels. This sport really caters for all our canine friends.

If you aren’t so mobile, it’s not a problem. We teach distance handling so you can guide your dog around the course without running after it, unless of course you would like to. We use 80cm non slip tunnels so cater for all sizes of dog from miniature to large breed.

If you are interested, please contact Anne, Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor, Wessex Dog Training Club at a.stuckey@sky.com and open up a whole new way of having fun with your dog which is sponsored by Vets4Pets Holes Bay Poole.


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What is Hoopers Agility?

Canine Hoopers is a smooth and free flowing sport based on the dogs love of running. The hoops themselves are lightweight, plastic and tall enough to accommodate even giant breeds. We use only 80cm tunnels to fulfil our aim of being totally breed inclusive. Due to the low impact nature of the sport, it is suitable for almost all dogs, including those which other, high impact, sports are maybe not so suitable.

Hoopers is a wonderful way to have fun with your dog from 16 weeks old to our golden oldies who have been there and done it all before but cannot do it any more.  We use free shaping to encourage the dogs to think as they gain understanding of the sport.  This is perfect for slow and speedy dogs.

The dogs go through the hoops around the barrels and through the tunnels which they all love and it is all low impact. If you are not so mobile we teach distance handling so you won’t have to run unless of course you would like to.

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Come along and join the fun!

Wessex Dog Training Club provide a wide variety of training courses for dogs and their handlers ranging from Obedience and Agility to Scentwork.  Come and make new friends for you and your pooch and learn how to increase your bond and get more from your relationship with your dog.

Everyone is welcome:

  • Suitable for Junior Handlers aged 11+
  • Classes for all experience levels
  • Puppies and Golden Oldies welcome
  • Train for fun or awards

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