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Training your dog in the right way can be a highly rewarding experience for both of you

This is the really fun and most rewarding part of owning a dog! Training your new friend needs to be high on your list of priorities as soon as you have decided to own a new dog.

No dog is too old to learn and training classes are available for every age and ability, pedigrees, crossbreeds and rescue dogs are all welcomed. You will also meet like-minded people and share in a common aim to have well behaved dogs that are a pleasure to own. Puppies have their own class available and can move up when they are ready for ‘big school’ !

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How we help our members

Training is an obligation all dog owners need to fulfil for the community they live in and the welfare of the dog. By going to classes you can meet the ethical and moral responsibilities of dog ownership and promote the benefits that dogs can bring to peoples’ lives.


Everyone is welcome and here’s what you can expect from us:


  • We’ll make sure you and your dog enjoy the class 
  • We’ll help you and your dog focus on tasks
  • Lots of encouragement and information
  • Help overcome any problems you may face.
  • Safe and controlled environment at all times.
  • Everyone in the class will receive equal help.
  • Classes for all experience levels
  • Train for fun or awards

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