Rally 'O'

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course which is set by the trainer with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform.


Rally is fun – no matter what experience level you or your dog have achieved.  You and your dog can start Rally at 6 months old.
Your dog does not have to be a pedigree dog to take part.  The good news is that it’s a low impact canine activity.

A preset course is set with a minimum 12 and maximum 18 signs in total. From a beginner you will learn 80 signs over a course of a few weeks.

In total there are 6 levels, beginners will start from level 1, level 1-3 you are required to walk your dog on a loose lead, handlers may give verbal commands with encouragement throughout as necessary.

Rally will teach you and your dog a whole new list of commands, positions, movements, that you can use in your daily exercise training routines.

If you decide to have Rally lessons, I would ask all handlers to please make sure your puppy/dog have been for a run/walk before their lesson.

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